During the 2017 Rural World Week, organized by the Municipality of Braga, a lecture was presented: Valorization of organic waste and improvement of agricultural production, on September 14, 2017. This lecture presented the main objectives of the interreg project Res2ValHum by Ana Paula Estevão, from the Chemistry Center, and by Rui Oliveira, from the Center for Research and (CITAB), belong to the team of the Interreg Project “Valuing Organic Residues: Production of Humic Substances”, led by the University of Minho. The project involves partners from Galicia, namely SOGAMA, CVAN and the University of Santiago de Compostela, and companies from Northern Portugal, Lipor and Braval and the CVR.








2017 – Res2ValHUM – Valorização de Resíduos Orgânicos: Produção de Substâncias Húmicas
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