Sogama is an autonomic public company, founded in 1992 by two partners, Xunta of Galicia (public partner, with 51% of the shares) and Gas Natural Fenosa Group (private partner, with 49% of the shares), depending on the Consellería de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación do Territorio (Ministry of Environment and Land Planning). Sogama´s task consists of sustainable management of household waste in most part of the autonomic community of Galicia. In order to get its purpose Sogama uses a model that gives priority to the Community strategy of the 3R (reduction, reuse and recycling), adding the energetic recovery of the non-recyclable fraction and using the last generation technologies to assure an industrial highly efficient process with very low emissions that make its activity totally compatible with the protection of the environment and the public health.


The company serves 294 Galician municipalities (94% of the total amount), where  more than 2.260.000 people live, processing almost 800.000 tons of household waste every year.

To deploy its activity, the company has a powerful industrial infrastructure, consisted of an environmental complex, located in Cerceda (A Coruña), complemented with an auxiliary landfill for non-hazardous waste as well as a net of transferring plants (37 altogether, 20 of them belonging to the company), strategically spread along the Galician territory. In the short term, Sogama will enlarge its industrial complex, going from treating 550.000 to 1.000.000 tons. This way, it will be able to increase its contribution to recycling and reduce the dumping. At the same time, it will start up an industrial compost plant to treat 15.000 tons per year, and it will expand the household compost program.

At the same time, Sogama goes for the railway as preferential mean of transportation, and foresees to move by train up to 55 % of the household waste in 2018.


Morzós, Nº10, baixo
San Román-Encrobas
15187 Cerceda, A Coruña (Galicia-España)

Tfnos: 981698500/14/11
Fax: 981686064

Correo electrónico página web:


Mónica Pérez Álvarez, Responsable del Departamento de I+D+i. Tfno directo: 981698514. E-mail:

Teri Campos Mosquera, Responsable de Comunicación. Tfno directo: 981698511. E-mail:

Isidro García Téllez, Director General. Tfno directo de su secretaria: 981698502. E-mail:

Javier Domínguez Lino, Presidente de Sogama. Tfno directo de su secretaria: 981698503. E-mail:








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