CVAN, Centro de Valorización Ambiental del Norte S.L., is a technology-based company specialized in the design, formulation and development of “tailored” Technosols for different environmental and productive applications. CVAN has extensive experience in waste management and in the search for environmental solutions to eliminate or mitigate pollution problems in soils and waters derived from different industrial, agricultural or mining activities. This experience has allowed him to participate in different R&D projects with national or international funding.

CVAN collaborates actively with the Environmental Technology Laboratory of the University of Santiago de Compostela for the execution of its R&D&i activities, CVAN has 5 employees and external collaborations with USC researchers.


CVAN – Centro de Valorización Ambiental del Norte S.L.
Lugar de la Mina s/n
15822 Touro (A Coruña)


Technical Manager: Felipe Macías García


Felipe Macías García:









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